CounCell Penta 2.0

Councell Penta 2.0, 5 Diff Auto Hematology Analyzer is specially designed in accordance to

international standards. The system has state of art technology, customized user friendly

software and robust hardware. The system is based on principle of Tri – angle laser scatter

Flow cytometry for WBC and its differential count, Electrical impedance for RBC & PLT and

Cyanide free colorimetric method for HGB estimation. The system offers unique QC and

Calibration programs. It uses only 3 reagents for analysis of sample and offers a throughput

of 60 sample/hour. The instrument possesses intelligent sleep mode, smart prompt and

one touch error resolving capability. The system has 10.4 inches colour touch screen and in

built thermal printer.

CounCell Penta 2.0
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